Android messages is now available in Web version

Android messages are now available in your desktop version. In addition, Google announces new and interesting features for the mobile application of the same servicewhatsapp web

Google continues to do everything possible to convert the Android messages into a serious competitor of Whatsapp, iMessage and Facebook messages. As part of its strategy to achieve this, Mountain View has launched the web version of this service, so that from now on users of the mobile operating system can view and send messages from your PC. From Google warn that for some users this version may not be available yet, but during the course of this week should be accessible to all.

Like the mobile version, the desktop allows us to use text, images, emojis and even stickers. To start using your benefits you must follow a procedure similar to that used by Whatsapp web, scanning a QR code that will provide the same mobile application to create a link between both versions.

Leveraging this important launch, Google also announced new features for the application available on Android. First, it is now possible to search and send GIFs from the + button located just to the left of the text composition field. On the other hand, intelligent responses also come to service. They consist of response messages suggested by the application itself and will be based on the context of the conversation that happens, just press the answer chosen to send it. It should be noted that for now, intelligent responses will be available only in English, promising that more languages will be added soon.

It also adds the preview of links, one of the most requested features by users. The application will automatically convert a link into a box where more information is displayed, such as additional text, image, and title. Finally, it will now be possible to copy and paste passwords or security codes that come to our tray and that are displayed in a notification at the top.

As mentioned earlier, the web version of Android messages is available today for most users, while the other features will come from next week.

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