Android apps come to Chrome OS

Chromebook, one of the most popular product ranges of Google, incorporate the million and a half of Android applications of the Play Store to your operating system.


Google announces the arrival of the Android apps to Chrome OS, the operating system of Chromebook, family computers economic of the company.

For users is a great news. Perhaps a browser is sufficient, but have the ecosystem Android next to Chrome opens the door to many more users. Now you can use Office, make a Skype call, games, etc.

But one of the things that made him so popular in the schools was the inability to install applications that can potentially damage the system. Google has given special attention to each application to live in their own container, as if it were a virtual machine. But will not be isolated from all the menus to share, for example, operate in application to application.

These are the keys that the company has indicated on its functioning:

  • Android applications may be rendered in three different window sizes.
  • You will have several applications multitasking Android next to the browser Chrome, brain of the operating system.
  • All the notifications will work and will be integrated in the notification center of Chrome OS.
  • Share documents is done transparently to the user through the file manager system.
  • Google says that the performance of games and heavy applications is “exceptional”.

The applications are shown as if they were native applications, the window that displays is fully adapted to the colorful design of Chrome OS and notifications are replicated as if share the Chrome browser.

PlayStore, the huge repository of Google Android, applications will be available to developers this June. Two months after will open on a limited basis to the public through a beta and, finally, will be published for all Chromebooks supported.

The low-cost computers Chromebook exceeded the level of sales of the Mac family of Apple for the first time in the United States, according to IDC. Are devices that are gaining traction in schools due to its simplicity, safety and price.

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