Aircraft games “retro” on Android


If you like the games of ships, but you miss those we had in the arcades of the last century, you are in luck, because today it is time to make a compilation of the best that we have in this category within Google Play.

Here you have games of retro ships for android, that you enjoy it:

Sky Force Reloaded

sky force reloaded

A retro arcade game of ships and shots with images and modern design. It is a displacement shooter with explosions, incinerator laser, bosses and various aircraft to pilot. It has intense effects and great game mechanics, progression system and collectibles within the game.

There are 15 stages with missions, terrestrial, naval and air enemy forces, new difficulty modes, from Normal to Nightmare, 9 different aircraft, 30 hard-to-reach bonus cards to add even more depth to the game-play, upgrades to pistols, shields and other equipment, objectives to unlock 8 support technicians, remains of fallen friends, professional voice over, weekend tournaments… an excellent option.

Sky Force 2014

sky force 2014

More than 10 years of Sky Force end in this game that takes advantage of the intensity of classic arcade shoot-em-ups combined with smartphone technology. Sky Force was a hit among the first mobile games, and the tenth anniversary edition adds incredible depth to the series through amazing 3D graphics, intuitive touch screen controls and a powerful update system that will allow us to play several hours.

Weekly tournaments are held at unique levels as we battle legions of other Sky Force 2014 players, offering great rewards not only for winning, but also for rescuing other drivers who have already been defeated.

It has levels with immersive missions to complete, battles of extreme bosses, shields, pistols, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and magnets, option to rescue civilians, weekly tournaments against other players, electronic soundtrack… a classic reborn.

AirAttack 2 – WW2 Airplanes Shooter

air attack

Sequel to the award-winning aerial combat video game, it features amazing 3D graphics and an incredible orchestral soundtrack. It simulates the classic atmosphere of the World War II shooters in modern rendering.

There are 22 Campaign Missions + Survival Mission, totally destructible 3D environment, orchestral soundtrack with 30 unique tracks, daily events with rewards, 5 player aircraft, Flamethrower, Tail Gunner, Bombs, Laser, Wingmen, Homing Rockets…

It draws attention to its lighting and explosion effects, as well as the horizontal and vertical orientation. It is compatible with Android TV, S-Pen, Game-pad, Mouse, Keyboard and NVIDIA Shield, and can be played without an Internet connection.

Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War

infinity shooting

We now go to space with a game in which our Solar System has been invaded by space enemies. As Admiral of Space Defender, we will defeat them in multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3, with simple controls, several spaceships with their own unique weapons, missiles and special abilities, good graphics and sound quality, 35 levels that allow you to see the space from the Earth and progression system so that we can continue firing without stopping for hours.

HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter


With a wide range of aircraft and upgrades to choose from, a variety of missions and challenges, Hawk is a good choice. We can choose the best weapons and surprise the enemies with destructive missiles.

It has over 190 levels full of enemies and action, unique cooperative multiplayer mode, additional modes: Arcade, Team-up and Assault, many combat aircraft, battle mates, ammunition and pistols, and devices to choose from, huge bosses, excellent images.. is a modernized Retro, a new experience.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

galaxy attack

In this space shooting game we will have an increasing number of enemies in dangerous environments. We can update the spacecraft to release its full lethal capacity, collect objects to improve or change weapons, use multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3 … are in total 100 levels in various difficulties, with multiple battles of bosses in phases final.

If you want to see more options, take a look at the OneSoft Global PTE games. LTD., Since there are similar ones in your Google Play profile.

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