5 Extraordinary healing properties of honey

Honey has been considered over the centuries as a true medicine, used on several occasions for the prevention and treatment of small health problems, when there were no drugs to which we are accustomed at present.

Science in recent years has decided to find a confirmation of its effectiveness. Those who, for ethical reasons, do not consume it, can substitute it for malt, of similar consistency and flavor, in culinary uses and as a sweetener. Those who choose to include it in their diet should always express their preference for organic and raw honey, that has not been subjected to an industrial process that deprives the nutrients that make it up and it can benefit your health.

It should also borne in mind that some pediatricians prefer to prohibit the administration of honey to children under one year of age, due to the danger of possible infections and presence of botulinum toxin, to avoid the risk of allergic reactions and to avoid early acclimatization from children to sweet flavors, a factor that could influence their food choices in the future.

Here are some cases in which science has been able to examine the beneficial effects of honey on the body.

1) Sedative for cough

Honey can be considered as a substitute for common cough syrups and administered the night before at bedtime in the dose of one teaspoon. Doctors have seen in such trials how it can be truly effective for coughing without the need for additional medications.

2) Antibiotic properties

The antibiotic properties of honey antibiotics applied to the skin for topical use were well-known by traditional natural medicine, but soon forgotten by many with the advent of penicillin and pharmaceutical ointments for the treatment of burns and abrasions. According to a study carried out in New Zealand, honey with special reference to the Manuka variety, contains a quantity of hydrogen peroxide that makes its use as an antibiotic and disinfectant beneficial in small skin lesions.

3) Anti-inflammatory properties

Among its many characteristics considered beneficial to health, honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that make its application suitable in case of insect bites, with special reference to mosquito bites. In fact, the anti-inflammatory properties of honey would alleviate the itching and redness caused by the contact of insects with our skin.

4) Antioxidant content

Honey is considered as a functional food rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants that can help our body to prevent numerous diseases and also slow down the aging processes that involve them over time. It is considered that honey protects the human body from the action of free radicals and also benefits the health of the heart.

5) Acne Healing

According to some preliminary research that will need to be investigated, honey may have beneficial properties that can be used to treat inflammatory skin conditions caused by acne, with reference to the manifestations that occur in the skin due to infections of the sebaceous follicles of the face, chest and back. The positive effects of honey on acne could be due to the antibacterial properties that scientific research has recently attributed to it. These healing properties are present in the honey of Manuka and Kanuka varieties.

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