30 Computer courses, online and free, starting in August

The month of August is approaching and new proposals for online and free courses are coming, such as those we share every month, taught by international universities and other institutions.

Here you have the best courses that begin in August in Computer Science, courses in English that can be done at any time, following our own pace.

All have a free version, which can be accessed by choosing “Complete course, without certificate”, “Audit only”, “Take course as an assistant”.

Remember that you need to follow the link in each course title to see the requirements of the platform that teaches them:

In English

Programming Languages, Part A University of Washington – 5 weeks

Programming Languages, Part C University of Washington – 3 weeks

Mobile VR App Development with Unity  Р4 weeks

Cryptography University of Maryland – 7 weeks

Cryptography I Stanford University – 7 weeks

Securing Digital Democracy University of Michigan – 5 weeks

Internet History, Technology, and Security University of Michigan – 10 weeks

NoSQL Database Systems Arizona State University – 4 weeks

Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative Vanderbilt University – 6 weeks

Algorithms, Part I Princeton University – 6 weeks

Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes Princeton University – 12 weeks

Networks Illustrated: Principles without Calculus Princeton University – 8 weeks

Remember that we do not teach the courses, we only search, collect and classify the best we find in different platforms.

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