3 Features in Google Pay that make your life easier

Google Pay, the web and mobile application that allows automatic payments in various stores and several other things, has just started to activate 3 new features that improve the user experience.

The first one is about sending or requesting money between two users. Google combined the Google Pay and Google Pay Send applications, allowing you to send or request money directly from the Google Pay app. For now this is possible only here in the United States and soon it will also be possible in the United Kingdom.

google pay

Google points out that if a user pays for food at a restaurant that he attended with others, now it is also easier to collect part of each. They only have to touch the recent purchase (restaurant) and to require the money from the others. This can only be done with up to 5 other people.

From now on Google Pay you can also save airline tickets such as Southwest Airlines (something that was already active in my Google Pay and I did two weeks ago when I traveled to Las Vegas) or tickets to a concert such as Ticketmaster Google indicates that tickets and tickets for more services will be saved soon, including Eventbrite, Singapore Airlines and Vueling.

google pay

The  tickets will be easily found where loyalty cards, gift cards and offers are found in the Android version in the new Cards tab.

google pay

The third novelty in Google Pay is that Google now facilitated the management of payment information in the application (Android and iOS) and on the web at Now everything is synchronized through the user’s Google account. Each time you update in any of the applications or web, it will appear immediately on the other devices. They also facilitated the inclusion in the mobile app of credit cards and other previously saved in the Google account.

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