3 Alternatives to Instagram you probably didn’t know

Instagram is a social network that has gone up as a foam in a beer, but in recent months it lost a lot of users due to privacy issues. In fact many frequent users have decided to abandon the platform completely, to find an alternative that gives them security. In addition to respecting the data, privacy and information stored in the social network.

There are currently many alternatives that may not be so well-known, and today we will show you 3 that is worth having on the radar.


Vero is a social network that is in full swing and is characterized as a mix of Facebook and Instagram, but unfortunately does not have a PC version. The application you can download on Android and iOS, in the respective official accounts. The social network allows us to share online content, choosing who can see each publication and who does not. The amazing thing is that we can share from photos to books or movies. The strong point is your privacy, as it does not collect our data to offer advertising. Even last year was in the sights of many users because it was fashionable, becoming positioned as the social network of the moment.

Link | Android and iOS


Diaspora is an application that you probably know, since it takes a long time in the market. The social network is open source totally decentralized, there are so many servers in the market as the people who join it. As for its database, it is very wide, but probably not find friends around the corner, because there are very few people who use it.

Link | Android


VSCO is actually a photo editor that everyone probably used, but has a section to share our images. In the application we will be able to take photographs, edit them in the Presets, select any tone or filter and then share it. In VSCO there is a section where we can explore other people’s content, as there is a gigantic community. In addition, we can have a profile for companies or professional photographers to see our work. And as for the application, we can download it on our Android device or iOS.

Link | Android and iOS

You already have 3 excellent applications as alternatives to Instagram that you can start using right now.

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