25 great web sites to fill your bookmarks toolbar

Who does not like discovering a new site?

From the same creators of 40 wonderful useful websites and 40 sites where to download free stuff, this special weekend comes to fill your list of bookmarks with great web sites you will want to keep forever.

  1. Yout: the ultimate trick for YouTube. You can enter the web and paste any URL for a video to download the audio in MP3, or you can substitute “youtube” for “yout” in the direction and is the same.
  2. Flixed: one of the best ways to search for content on Netflix, here you can review all catalogs in the world at the same time.
  3. SNDTST: a machine of music with melodies of old video games (8, 16, and 64-bit)
  4. iConvertIcons: a site where you can convert any icon to PNG, ICO, SVG, or ICNS formats for all operating systems.
  5. Polar: a photo editor supports even RAW images online.
  6. TV Calendar: the perfect calendar for TV series lover.
  7. 8tracks: a great place to discover music, create mixes with the songs you want and share them with the world.
  8. kuler: web tool from Adobe to choose and combine color palettes.
  9. Netflix Roulette: find something random you find on Netflix.
  10. Ninite: a site to download all kinds of free software automatically.
  11. Stock Up: a great low stock photos search engine licenses to open and free use.
  12. Keybr: a website to practice your skill with the keyboard.
  13. Old Version: find old programs all versions for Windows, Linux and OS X.
  14. Dead Man’s Switch: schedule an email so that you reach other people once you die.
  15. Iconfinder: icons in all formats to download free get.
  16. All The Free Stock: a search of resources where you can find photos, videos, icons and free stock sound effects.
  17. Open Library: the project of the Organization non-profit Internet Archive where you can download free books.
  18. Wallhaven: the best site where to download wallpapers.
  19. DuckDuckGo: a search engine that you not spyware.
  20. Privnote: write a message to someone and it will self-destruct once read.
  21. WhatIsMyIP: simply find out which is your IP address.
  22. TuSubtitulo: the rebirth of subtí, search for subtitles in Spanish for hundreds of television series.
  23. SeatGuru: discover which are the best seats on a flight.
  24. My AbandonWare: download free retro video games.
  25. Muki: rediscover the music of video games in 8 and 16-bit in midi format.

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