11 games to use offline this summer on iOS and Android

We are in the middle of the summer and while many have already enjoyed the well-deserved summer holidays, others will be on the verge of doing so. Summer is the perfect date to disconnect, do nothing related to work and dedicate ourselves to leisure.

Within the possibilities of leisure we have the mobile and its entertaining games. But playing with him on the beach, the pool or while we travel to our holiday destination can become a drain of data, so we have prepared a selection of the most entertaining games for mobile that do not need an Internet connection.

Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World is an old-fashioned endless runner featuring geometric figures. Different screens, worlds and monsters for a simple but very addictive game that is available to play offline in both iOS and Android.

Download | Geometry Dash World | iOS

Download | Geometry Dash World | Android

Ghosts N ‘Goblins

ghost and goblins

Capcom reissued several of its classics offering some entertaining and very light mobile versions. One of these ports is the classic Ghosts N ‘Goblins, starring the knight Sir Arthur and his shiny armor that will live adventures in a spooky world full of zombies.

Download | Ghosts N ‘Goblins | iOS

Download | Ghosts N ‘Goblins | Android

Plants vs Zombies

Another classic, but this time of strategy games, and that has already gone through all kinds of platforms. In Plants vs Zombies we will have to use our skill to save our gardens from the attacks of all kinds of zombies and monsters.

Download | Plants vs Zombies | iOS

Download | Plants vs Zombies | Android


For lovers of simple games in the style of puzzles or solitaire we have ‘Dots’, a light but addictive game in which we only have to connect points. It seems simple, right? Well it’s not as easy as it seems and maybe that’s why it hooks so much.

Download | Dots | iOS

Download | Dots | Android

Freeze! The escape

This game, in addition to its level of entertainment, shines in terms of design and soundtrack. Something different from what we are used to, Freeze! The escape, is an indie game that will make us hooked from the first moment.

Download | Freeze! The flight | iOS

Download | Freeze! The flight | Android


Leaving aside the simplest puzzle games, we go with another game that conquered us from minute one because of the good taste with which it is designed. Badland is a mix between endless runner and pseudo graphic adventure, with a soundtrack and an atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent.

Download | Badland | iOS

Download | Badland | Android

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If what you like are driving games, Asphalt 8: Airborne is perfect. Excellent graphics, game play and sound for a car game that has more than 140 cars available and a multiplayer mode to challenge other players.

Download | Asphalt 8: Airborne | iOS

Download | Asphalt 8: Airborne | Android

Monument Valley

This game was awarded by Apple in 2014 with the prize for the best design. And is that just start playing we are aware of the delicacy with which it has been created. In it we must guide a silent princess using geometry and architectural constructions to get level.

Download | Monument Valley | iOS

Download | Monument Valley | Android

Sonic the Hedgehog

Hand in hand with Sega, comes, of course, this mobile version of one of the greatest classics of all time, Sonic the Hedgehog. The game is exactly identical to the original for Sega Mega Drive, although it is clear that the game play on a mobile device is different. Still, a highly recommended and entertaining game that of course refers to nostalgia.

Download | Sonic the Hedgehog | iOS

Download | Sonic the Hedgehog | Android

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

We add to this list another tower defense with Kingdom Rush Frontiers. The game is similar to other titles in the same category as Plants VS Zombies, and in it we will have to build towers and walls to defend our people from the enemy.

Download | Kingdom Rush Frontiers | iOS

Download | Kingdom Rush Frontiers | Android

Ninja UP!

Finally, we go with this fun and cool vertical title. Ninja UP! Comes from the hand of Gameloft, and its operation, as simple as it may seem, is quite complicated. With a retro air and fun pixelated graphics, this game promises to make us have a good time.

Download | Ninja UP! iOS

Download | Ninja UP! | Android

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